The Forge: Brush & Shrubs

A simple project to make brush and shrubs for your Warhammer battlefields

Step 1: Start with some bases. Use any size you wish to deploy on the table. I chose 5 oval cavalry bases. Then I painted them brown to get started.

Step 2: Prepare some branch-like bits. Arms from a Wood Elves dryads kit work perfectly for this. Clean them up and cut one end flat in order to glue them onto the bases.

Step 3: Paint the branches and then glue them to the bases. I added 2-3 per base. I prefer to use superglue.

Step 4: Add some spackling paste to the base of each branch. This will reinforce the connection. I also covered up the dimple in the middle of the base. Add any other surface texture desired.

Step 5: After the spackle paste dries somewhat, paint the spackle material.

Step 6: Find some natural decorations like rocks and sticks to enhance the look of the bases. I glued them on with superglue.

Step 7: Add some fine brown sand or ballast to the bases. You can use whatever color, grain size or pattern you wish. I glued mine down with all-purpose glue. I tried to fill in all the little cracks as best as I could.

Step 8: Add an accent color of sand. I added a light tan color. I also glued this down with all-purpose glue.

I also added some coarse gray and black sand.

Step 9: Add some greenery. I used some medium green turf. This really helped blend the colors of the sand together and muted the contrasts. I glued the turf on with a spray adhesive.

Step 10: The final and most important step is the foliage. Use any color or amount you wish. I used a medium green and gave it a moderate density of coverage. My foliage came from a tree-building kit from Woodland Scenics. I glued the foliage with all-purpose glue.

Step 11: Add any other frills or details you wish. I added a few skull bits.

Step 12: Cover the project with a sealant. My favorite is Testor’s Dullcote. And you’re done!

Here’s how mine look on the table. Shrubs like these can be placed next to rivers or roads. They fit in well with forest scenery. They can also line fences, or stand alone just about anywhere you want them.

Here’s most of the products I used to put these together. Not shown are three other colors of ballast.

Base 1: shrubs only

Base 2: shrubs with half of a human skeleton

Base 3: shrubs with a human skull

Base 4: shrubs with an animal skull

Base 5: shrubs with a skeleton arm

The process for making these shrubs is also described in the following video

I hope this helps you put together some shrubs for your next terrain project!

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