Expanding your army? I hope this growing list of miniatures will be a helpful resource for you. Please leave a message for suggestions.

Atlantis Miniatures – Fantasy Lines (Dwarves, Ogres, Orcs & Goblins, Trolls, Creatures)

Avatars of War – (Warthrone) 9th Age support, many Fantasy lines

Black Tree Design – Fantasy, Historical, WWII

Crocodile Games – Historical/fantasy [Tomb Kings]

Crusader Miniatures – Historical, WWII, [Bretonnia]

Dark Fable Miniatures – Fantasy, Egyptian, [Orcs, Tomb Kings]

Darksword Designs – Fantasy characters

Eureka Miniatures – Historical, fantasy, modern [various]

Fenryll – Historical, fantasy, terrain [elves, dwarfs, orcs, monsters…]

Fire Forge Games – Historical/fantasy [Bretonnia, Empire, Kislev…]

Forge World – Warhammer supplemental figures

Games Workshop – Fantasy, AoS, 40k, LoTR, terrain, etc.

Gamezone Miniatures – Fantasy [various]

Gripping Beast – Historical [Bretonnia, Kislev, Araby, Mongol…]

Heresy Miniatures – Fantasy, Sci-fi

Kings of War – Fantasy, scenery, terrain [full range]

Lead Adventure – [dwarfs]

Magister Militum – Historical, fantasy, modern [dwarfs, elves…]

Mierce Miniatures – Extensive fantasy ranges

Mirliton – Historical, WWII, Fantasy [full range]

MOM Miniatures – Fantasy, scenery [full range]

Norba Miniatures – Fantasy, Sci-fi, LoTR, historical, scenery [bretonnia, tomb kings, dwarfs, ogres…]

Perry Miniatures – historical

Privateer Press – Fantasy, Sci-fi, game and hobby…

Raging Heroes – Fantasy and sci-fi lines (dark elves…)

Ral ParthaIron Wind Metals – Parent of Ral Partha: Fantasy, Sci-fi, historical

Reaper Miniatures – Minis galore, especially characters, monsters…

Scibor Miniatures – Fantasy, historical

Shieldwolf Miniatures – Norse, orcs, goblins, and more fantasy

Tabletop Miniatures Solutions – 9th Age Supporters

Tabletop World – Town scenery

Titan Wargames – Fantasy

Wargames Foundry – Fantasy, Sci-fi, modern, historical

Warlord Games – Historical, modern, Sci-fi, scenery

West Wind Productions – Historical, Sci-fi, fantasy


Alternative Warhammer Fantasy games

The 9th Age – the continuation of Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition

Hordes – by Privateer Press

Kings of War – by Mantic Games

Warhammer Age of Sigmar – the next saga after 8th edition

Warhammer Armies Project – army updates from 8th edition

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