Shrubs and Brush Rules

Simple rules for shrubs and brush terrain pieces.

Following up from my tutorial on how I made some brush terrain pieces, may I suggest some simple rules to go with them. One option that I mentioned in my tutorial is to ignore them for the sake of rules and just use them for decoration. But if you are like me, it’s just a little lackluster to not put together some basic rules.

I suggest that they should have a very minimal impact, since that seems the most realistic.

Placement — May be deployed anywhere on the table, even on top of other terrain, where it makes sense.

Line of Sight — Do not block Line of Sight.

Movement — Shrubs and brush slow down units slightly. -1 Movement penalty. Does not apply to lone models, Skirmishers and Striders. Affects Remaining Moves sub-phase.

Shooting — Shrubs and brush do not affect skilled shooters but can be a nuisance to others. Models with BS 4+ are not affected. Models with BS 3 or lower have 1 successful To Hit roll blocked by the terrain piece. 1 max. block regardless of how many shrubs are between the shooter and the target.

Magic — No effect on magic

Combat — No effect on combat

Simple enough? Now go ahead and put together some shrubs terrain and use these rules for your next battle.

Click below for a PDF version of these rules

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