The Emerald Army and The Legend of Thoth

A tale of ancient gods, untold fortune, treacherous greed and a ghastly curse.

This is my backstory of my growing Tomb Kings army: The Emerald Army. (I’m not sure if/how this would fit in with official Warhammer lore.)

The Emerald City, Sikait, is a mysterious, sand-buried city in the eastern mountains of the Land of the Dead. Anciently, Sikait was a luxurious city situated near unimaginably profitable emerald mines. King Nofre-ka-ra ruled over this highly coveted realm with his wealth and legions. All subjects worshipped the King and Thoth, the God of the Emeralds. The Temple of Thoth in Sikait was the central location of their worship.

However, Settra the Imperishable set his heart upon Sikait and its jewels. King Nofre-ka-ra was very aware of the covetous Settra. In his pride, Nofre-ka-ra was confident that paying generous tributes to Settra would spare him of any further mischief. Yet Settra could not overcome his greed. He betrayed Nofre-ka-ra and made plans to siege the city and overtake Sikait, The Temple of Thoth, and the emerald mines. Foreknowledge of Settra’s plans came to the Priests of Thoth, but they underestimated Settra’s mighty hosts. Settra’s siege spanned 18 months, and completely cut-off supplies to Sikait. Settra eventually conquered Sikait through horrendous starvation, cruelty and slaughter. In defiance to capture, The Priests of Thoth magically sealed themselves and King Nofre-ka-ra in the emerald mines and laid a curse upon the kingdom, and a promise that they would have revenge. The Curse of Thoth buried the city with storms of sand. All travel routes were twisted and concealed. Sikait and Thoth’s mines became a bitter loss for Settra, and a legend among the Tomb Kings. Sikait was erased from the maps and the worship of Thoth became punishable by death. Thoth worship was officially thought to be extinct for centuries. Yet, through the ages, a line of seers among the Secret Order of Thoth have been keepers of the knowledge that The Emerald Army would one day return and have its revenge. All members of the secret cult have greeted death with the promise that they will join their King when he returns to bathe the world in blood.

The location of Sikait remains a mystery to this day. Which of the scores of empty, desert wastes among the twisted gorges and vales of the eastern mountains is the correct location has been the quest of many foolhardy treasure hunters. The Curse of Thoth prevents its discovery. However, ignorant travelers and lost wanderers have occasionally happened upon The Hidden Vale with the Cursed Sands. From these accidental discoveries emerge the rumors of a valley of dry bones of men, ogres, and Chaos beasts. The minds of the greedy are easily discernable by Nofre-ka-ra. Treasure seekers who step foot in The Hidden Vale swiftly meet their doom. The sands begin to blow on a shrill wind–so sharply that it begins to suck the breath from the hyperactive lungs of terrified warriors. The Winds of Thoth are so dry that skin commences to shrivel and crack like a dry lake bed. After the greedy band falls to their knees, they are slowly buried by the desert. Only a few “lucky” fools have ever escaped, but with sandblasted eyes. They live short miserable lives in blindness, but under constant horror of the unforgettable images of King Nofre-ka-ra and ancient death.

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