3 thoughts on “Hierotitan

  1. This is a great mini and I love the paint job. How big does he scale in comparison to the skeletons? Is he on a 50mm base (as that would give me an idea). And for a final question, what company is he from?
    Cheers for sharing the blog on EEFL – knoffles


    1. Hmmm… I intended to provide a link to where I bought him, so thanks for reminding me. I found him on Reaper. I put him on a 50mm base, and it stands 2x the height of a skeleton, but also much thicker, intuitively. I wish he was 3x a skeleton’s height, but I love the model and had to go for it. He very much stands out on a battlefield. He is still head and shoulders above a typical Bretonnian mounted knight. I still think he could’ve been a little taller, however his height has not bothered me much. I’ll try to snap a comparative photo soon.

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