Bohemond de Bastonne

Bretonnian Lord by birthright… and by steel.

Bohemond fearlessly defends the realm of Bastonne and Bretonnia with deadly prowess. Able to wield lance, sword, mace, or flail, he can carve his way through walls of enemies. The hides and heads of many haughty beasts decorate the halls of his stone fortress.

His legendary status attracts untold fortune and legions of skilled warriors that are the envy of any Bretonnian lord.

Otherwise known as The Beastslayer, Bohemond never needs an introduction. The knight with the dragon shield has led the charge on to countless victories.

Peasants often line the edge of their villages to catch even a blurred glimpse of the matchless knight in unforgettable action.

Only the fittest steeds are selected to bear The Beastslayer. His stables are filled with magnificent beasts, attracting knights from afar to gaze and wonder.

Warriors have a better chance of survival from cannon fire than the lance of Bohemond de Bastonne.

A dragon’s tooth tips the point of his lance.

Bohemond’s bright red and yellow colors are recognized well beyond the realms of Bretonnia. The symbolic dragon clutches the sacred grail in its lower claws.

It is generally assumed by the entire kingdom that Bohemond has sipped from the grail, but nobody has yet dared to ask him to gain confirmation. Even the shadow of such an insult cast upon the hero would be unthinkable by a Bretonnian of any rank. Bohemond’s grail story only lives in various rumors.

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