The Rise of Dark Elf Beastmaster Optimus Callous

The story of Beastmaster Optimus Callous begins a long time ago, when he served as a Division Commander of the Southern Army.

Optimus was charged with insubordination for waging an unauthorized military campaign against the Lizardmen. Despite his well-laid plans, and the great amount of destruction he caused, he was ultimately beaten by a superior alliance army of Lizardmen and High Elves. His Division was decimated. His upsetting loss brought down the wrath of the war council, and he was stripped of his command and reassigned to an obscure outpost on the frozen north. He narrowly escaped execution.

Arriving with his notorious reputation, Optimus quickly formulated his plans for revenge. He took control of an old abandoned underground mine near the outpost. He converted it into his new fortress. He also built a colosseum for the execution of slaves, prisoners, and criminals. He imported many exotic and ferocious beasts into the endless tunnels of the mine, and used them in his colosseum entertainment. The mine became an impenetrable labyrinth of nightmares that only the most expert beastmasters would dare enter.

His colosseum found fame among the underground society. Yet, it attracts both low and high ranks of Elves. Many soldiers visit to seek entertainment and masters come to dispose of their unwanted souls. High stakes gamblers cannot resist the blood money. Some unlucky patrons find themselves in the playing field due to a gambling brawl, an unfortunate slip from the steep arena terraces, or a sinister joke randomly ordered by Optimus. The existence of the arena has never been officially acknowledged in the councils. Either out of fear for Optimus or maybe for the grisly entertainment, the attraction has avoided major scrutiny. But it brings Optimus a great deal of money, and reluctant notoriety. Many have become fearful of his ambitions and his growing number of monsters, and loyal, well-paid soldiers. Optimus claims fierce loyalty to the king during the rare interrogations. Yet, due to his past war crimes, his newest accomplishments have never been officially sanctioned, despite the many high ranking elves that patronize his shows. Some commanders frequently remind him of his past atrocities, and threaten to expose his underground operation to the war councils, all the while reveling in the bloody entertainment. It is not uncommon for unwise critics to simply disappear from all known whereabouts. Probably captured and released into the labyrinth of monsters under the colosseum.

Ultimately, the colosseum serves one purpose. The revenue is used to raise a secret army of skilled soldiers and ferocious monsters so large that he will be able to exact his revenge. The bulk of his army is a secret and remains hidden both within the catacombs of the mine, and also further to the north beyond the sight of his assigned outpost. The war councils and his haughty rivals have not made the connection that since Optimus’ arrival there have been no more reports of attacks from the northern tribes of Chaos. Would-be invaders stand no match for the massive army he is assembling. This time, Optimus Callous is determined his plans will not fail.

When Optimus is ready, he will launch his most sinister campaign of all. He will start with punishing all his rivals and those in the war council who have suppressed his career. He will take command of all the armies of the Dark Elves. Then he will wage war on all unworthy races who have dared to sneer at his fate. He will expand the borders of the Dark Elves beyond anything the world has ever known. Optimus Callous will be the most feared elf of all.

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