Bretonnia Questing Knights

Veteran knights who have taken a vow of dedicated service.

Leaving behind the lance, they take up the sword or battleaxe.

Their oath is to seek the blessings of the Lady.

This is an elevated purpose beyond pedestrian matters.

Fulfillment of their oath is as varied as the knights themselves.

There’s a thousand paths, but the same ultimate purpose.

They are united as brothers in the quest, but solitary in their achievement.

One may need to rescue a dwarf village from an evil necromancer.

One may need to master the hunt of the falcon.

One might need to find mysterious artifacts.

One might need to defeat a skilled warrior in single combat.

One may have to descend into deep unexplored pits.

Or one must hunt a majestic creature.

Or slay a violent demon.

Or guard a sacred site.

Endlessly they ride in quest for immortal glory.

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