Orion Root

The ancient shrine of Orion lies deep in the dark woods.

Only the elves know its location.

The sparse gaps in the old growth canopy are not in the trajectory of the sun.

The power of the stars regenerates its life and magic.

The stump breathes a cocktail of fumes that would put all but elves to sleep.

Everything around the tree remains in complete stillness.

Except for the endless scrolling streaks of light upon the Seal of Orion.

Orion Root Rules: This can only be played if Wood Elves are in the game. All but Wood Elf units that come within 6 inches fall asleep for 1 turn (WS 1). No Marching within 6 inches of it. A Wood Elf wizard standing on the Seal of Orion adds a free dice when rolling for a spell, but adds D3 to the Miscast Table if a double 6 is rolled. The roots provide Hard Cover.

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