Sphinx of Khemri

A golden sphinx relentlessly stares into the souls of mortals.

Men and beasts, kings and gods are all under his watch.

The ancient judge of nobility and corruption easily discerns the foes of the pharaoh.

Swift destruction comes to any that are found unworthy trespassers of the desert kingdom.

This Sphinx model is from Majestic Miniatures at ETSY.

Sphinx Rules

The Sphinx can be placed in the game, but it is only Mysterious when Undead are on the battlefield. At the beginning of each Undead player Magic Phase, roll a D6 on the chart below and work out the results.

1 – Back in the Tomb! If an Undead unit with US>10 is within 6″ of the Sphinx, D3 models are removed.

2 – Not My Will! Wizards within 12″ of the Sphinx cannot channel. If a wizard successfully casts a spell within 12″, the Army loses D3 dice from the Power Pool.

3 – Ancient Fear. Units not Immune to Psychology, within 12″ of the Sphinx have -1 Leadership and Fear any unit that charges them.

4 – Tomb Tremors. The tomb’s wrath is shaking the earth. Units within 18″ of the Sphinx cannot have Steadfast.

5 – Nehekahran Punishment. An Undead wizard that successfully casts a Nehekahran spell within 12″ of the Sphinx has the spell boosted to the more powerful version for free.

6 – Sacrifice Pleases the Gods. Any unit within 12″ of the Sphinx can remove 1 model to gain Regeneration 2+ for 1 round.

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