Boardgame Minis: Defenders of the Realm

4 Master Villains are invading the realm to assault Monarch City.

Generals of the orcs, demons, and undead have combined their attack…

with Sapphire, the dragon Lord.

Choose between 8 original heroes to stop the spread of darkness; A wizard, ranger, dwarf, eagle rider, cleric, sorceress, rogue and paladin.

5 more heroes include the healer, druid, elf lord, monk and barbarian.

Or choose the adventurer, chaos wizard, assassin, or captain of the guard.

4 more choices are the feline, the shaman, the seeker or the thief.

21 miniatures in all. I’m excited to have my set fully painted and ready for the game table.

Defenders of the Realm is produced by Eagle-Gryphon Games. Check out the page on Boardgame Geek for further information.

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