Boardgame Minis: A Touch of Evil 10 year Anniversary

A very fun variety of miniature additions to A Touch of Evil Boardgame, from Flying Frog Productions. Boardgame Geek Link. Hero miniatures are featured in a previous post.

The best villain in the game comes to life and takes his terrifying charge across the boardgame.

The Spectral Horseman

Spooky Town Elder busts are now available to inspire heroism or mischief across the board.

Town Elder Busts. L to R: Reverend Harding, Sophie the Midwife, Doctor Manning.
Town Elder Busts. L to R: Lady Hanbrook, Lord Hanbrook, Magistrate Kroft.

Four major board locations now come to life with these models.

The Olde Woods
The Windmill
The Manor
The Abandonded Keep

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