Boardgame Minis: A Touch of Evil

The townsfolk who must overcome the nightmarish fate of their colonial village

A Touch of Evil from Flying Frog Productions comes supplied with 24 unpainted miniature heroes for gameplay with all the expansions. Boardgame Geek Link.

Heroes may work separately or together to track down the monster who is haunting the land

Karl, The Soldier (L) and Brother Marcus (R)

They must combine their Honor, Spirit, Cunning and Combat skills to solve the mystery and take down the villain

Adrianna, Foreign Traveler (L) and Anne Marie, the School Teacher (R)

They must travel between villages, swamps, woods, monasteries, and other creepy locations in search of clues to find the villain

The Scarlet Shadow (L) and Jack Fellows, Privateer (R)

The heroes must navigate traps, haunts, thieves, cults, curses and more if they are to overcome the evil

Isabella Von Took, Noble Woman (L) and Liliana, Lost Soul (R)

Villains are prone to murder and mayhem, and command their own unique montage of foul minions that may range from wolves, rats, undead, harpies, and more

Inspector Cooke (L) and Thomas, the Courier (R)

The heroes must defeat the villain before its evil overpowers the goodness of the land

Lucy Hanbrook (L) and Eliza, the Witch Hunter (R)

Allies may be found with several Town Elders, who may have inside information on the villain’s whereabouts and plans, but who may also become tainted and align themselves with the villain

Argot Blackwell, Master Hunter (L) and Harlow Morgan, The Inventor (R)

Every decision will either bring your hero one step closer to overcoming the villain, or falling ever deeper into the clutches of evil. Often it is a little of both.

Maria De La Rosa, the Smuggler (L) and Abigail Sturn, Student of the Occult (R)

Will you hunt down the monster’s lair and bring the villain down in a blaze of glory?

Doctor Edwards (L) and Victor Danforth, The Playwright (R)

Or will you be attacked by a kraken while exploring a sunken ship for clues?

Valeria, The Eternal (L) and Sara, the Bright Witch (R)

Or will you become lost in the Olde Woods?

Heinrich Cartwright, The Drifter (L) and Frederic Leon, Foreign Diplomat (R)

Or will you be bitten by a werewolf and be cursed to roam the nights searching for innocent, unsuspecting prey?

Captain Hawkins (L) and Katarina, the Outlaw (R)

All of these and more could be the fate of your hero in a game of A Touch of Evil

I painted these miniatures as true to the production photography as I could, adding my own interpretations where necessary

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