A Modular Forest for Warhammer

See how I made a large modular forest for Warhammer Fantasy

I started with four 6 in. by 6 in. pieces of sheet metal. I used 22 ga. steel for its magnetic properties and sturdiness. I cut the four pieces from a larger sheet with tin snips, and then trimmed up the edges with a file. Then I painted them to my liking.

A well-defined forest footprint is essential for legal interpretations during a Warhammer battle. Of course, they may be arranged together or separately in any way desired. Or, more may be added.

Next, I put together a kit of 14 trees from Woodland Scenics. The foliage was simple enough to glue on to the branches with all-purpose glue. Since the forest tiles are sheet metal, the bases of the trees may be implanted with rare earth magnets. However, this step is not necessary. The trees usually stand up pretty well.

Finally, add some models. This Wood Elf wizard feels right at home.

Here comes a unit of Wood Elf Glade guard. They are well-camouflaged within their environment.

The trees can be moved out of the way to help maneuver the unit through the forest. The unit easily glides across the smooth metal surface without damaging my paint job.

Here’s where they will set up their ambush for the invaders

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