The Forge: Make Magnetic Storage Boxes for Warhammer Figures

Want to store and/or transport your Warhammer armies in a magnetized container? Follow this simple method that anyone can do.

This post is a follow-up to the previous two posts from The Forge: Making magnetic movement trays, and magnetizing your models. Now that we have our Warhammer units on magnetic trays, we can easily store them in magnetic storage boxes.

Supplies Needed: a plastic tote, and a self-adhesive magnetic sheet.

Take a plastic tote. I recommend using an 8.1 Liter Really Useful Box. There are a few reasons why I prefer these boxes. They are sturdy. Their walls are vertically straight, and not tapered, like most plastic totes. This helps them stack well. They are also clear, so you can see the contents inside. They also have several different sizes that may be used for different sizes of models.

Take a self-adhesive magnetic sheet. I use an 8 x 10 inch sheet for the 8.1 Liter box. I don’t have any preferences for magnetic sheet brands. I have used a few different brands and they have all performed similarly. I haven’t noticed any brand being significantly stronger than another. If you have a sheet that is not self-adhesive you can use Loctite Superglue to glue them down and they will hold very well.

Peel the paper backing off the magnetic sheet.

Place the sheet with the adhesive side down into the center of the box. There will be a small gap between the sheet and the walls within box. This gap is actually beneficial. This makes it easier to wedge your finger under your movement trays to remove your units.

Place your units inside. This 8.1 Liter box is large enough that you can store about 100 infantry models inside, as shown below.

The 8.1 Liter box has plenty of headroom for units with tall banners and spears. Cavalry units fit fine too. The units stay in place despite being tilted on one corner.

With the lid on the box, it is easy to see which army or units I have stored inside. We are done already!

This is such an easy solution that comes with so many perks. The magnetic sheet helps keep your units from sliding around inside the box. However, the sheet is not strong enough that I would flip the box upside down, like I can do with my movement trays. But, you can carry them from their storage location to the game table without any trouble. You can put them in your car this way and drive to the local hobby shop for your game and they still won’t wiggle around. And when you arrive, your units are already sitting in their trays and ready for deployment to the game table. What a huge timer saver! I have definitely put this method to the test before. I recently took my magnetic boxes on a trip of over 1,000 miles one-way and nothing inside them was unsettled when I arrived. Amazing!

You can safely stack these boxes in your storage location. The boxes will keep the dust off your models. You can see inside the boxes so you don’t have to remember what units are stored inside. Above all, this is a cheap storage solution for your Warhammer units. As I mentioned before, Really Useful Boxes come in several different sizes that can be used to fit units or models of different sizes. (I use the 4 Liter Really Useful Box for my Dwarves infantry. It has almost the same footprint, but stands shorter than the 8.1 Liter box.) I have found these boxes at brick and mortar stores, and online stores, like eBay.

The major requirement is that you would need movement trays that are already magnetic. See my previous post on this topic if you need help with this.

I hope you find this method useful. Happy Wargaming!

2 thoughts on “The Forge: Make Magnetic Storage Boxes for Warhammer Figures

  1. I can second those boxes as I recently picked up a few, though I got the ones around double that size as I wanted to try and fit in most of the army. What thickness of sheet do you tend to get as they seem to vary between .85 and 1.5mm


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