Warhammer Fantasy Weather and Night Rules

Spice up your battles with a variety of weather and night rules.

The following weather and night rules are optional. They were written to compliment the Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition ruleset.

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Weather Rules

Deploy terrain as normal. Next, determine weather conditions before army deployment. Roll a D6. On a 5+, you will experience inclement weather. Roll on the weather chart below. Otherwise, weather is normal. Next, move to the night rules, if desired. Finally, deploy your armies.

Advanced Rule: Set up armies before determining weather conditions.

Inclement Weather Types (D6)

  1. Lightning Storm
  2. Heat Wave
  3. Snowstorm
  4. Rain
  5. High Wind
  6. Fog

Weather Rules

Lightning Storm – A lightning strike hits D3 random locations on the board at the beginning of each Magic Phase. Produces D3 automatic wounds to whatever unit is hit. Only Ward saves allowed.

(Random locations may be determined by dividing your table into D6 grid lines along the length and width of your table. Select a corner as the origin. Roll a D6 for each axis and find their intersect according to your D6 results. Mark the location with a small coin or other marker. For further random results, roll scatter and artillery dice to make fine adjustments from the initial intersect.)

Heat Wave – Roll to see if your army is adapted to the heat. Passes on a 4+. If failed, your army has a -1 Leadership for the game. Undead, and Demons are not affected. Lizards, Amazons, Araby may re-roll.

Snowstorm – Roll to see if your army is adapted to the cold. Passes on a 4+. If failed, your army has a -1 Initiative for the game. Undead and Norse not affected. Warriors of Chaos and Dark Elves may re-roll.

Rain – All rivers are Dangerous Terrain.

High Wind – Ranged attacks have a -1 to Hit modifier. If in a desert, all have -1 WS. Tomb Kings immune to High Wind rules if in a desert.

Fog – Roll 4D6 before each Shooting phase to determine maximum sight range for that turn.

Night Rules

If you would like to include time of day to your battle conditions, then determine this after terrain is deployed, weather is determined (if used), but before armies are deployed.

Advanced Rule: Set up armies before determining time of day conditions.

Roll a D6. On a 3+ it is daytime. If failed, it is dark/night. Follow the additional rules below.

  • Units must re-roll passed Fear, Terror and Panic tests
  • Shooting attack ranges are reduced by half, along with associated rules
  • Dangerous Terrain wounds on 1s and 2s, not just on 1s
  • Cannot use Swiftstride rules, except for non-mounted models
  • General’s Inspiring Presence reduced to 1/2
  • Night rules do not apply to Swarms, War Beasts, Monstrous Beasts and wild creatures

I hope these ideas will enhance your Warhammer Fantasy game experience. Feel free to modify these rules according to your particular tastes or battle scenarios. Happy Wargaming!

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